New Music Sample

So for years i’ve wanted to make more of the type of music that I would like to listen to when relaxing in the evening or on a car journey etc, but for a long time I would not enjoying listening back to my own creations. I am finding that now, after years of hard work I am finally getting to a place where my own melodies and hooks get stuck in my head almost to the point where I think they are someone else’s or i’ve heard them from a song purely because they feel too good to be mine. This is really enjoyable and I am finding that I can now share my music with people more comfortably and I am excited about it rather than anxious about how it will be received.

I have been working on some Glitchier tracks but still fairly downtempo. I have been listening to a lot of Tipper, Koloto, edIT and Trifonic and this is definitely apparent in the new samples that are coming from it. If you like this type of thing then definitly check out Tippers Forward Escape album, Trifonics Emergence Album, edIT’s Certified Air Raid Material or Koloto’s Mechanica EP. If the only thing you get from reading this is the enjoyment of their music then hopefully there is a lot more value to reading this post than me just talking about myself and being very self indulgent.

I wanted to share this little clip of one of the new tracks which includes an accidental vocal sample that was on the end of one of my pieces of sound design for the drums which I ended up making a groove from and pitching in different ways. I hope you enjoy it. There are plenty more low quality samples on my instagram channel and hopefully this sample will feature in a release towards the end of 2017.

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