Album Release Day!

So today’s the day,…I have worked tirelessly on my new album Here to be Humans and today it is finally released for you all to hear and buy!

Firstly a big thank you for all your support so far and to skEYEfi for the album artwork, check out more of his work here, it is stunning!

The album is a glitchier take on my usual downtempo ambient music but with some more mechanical Glitchy sounds. This blend between soft synths and glitched clicks sounds is what gave the album the title Here to be Humans, as it has a mixture of machine and human feel all in one place.

If all this sounds like it’s for you then obviously I would love it if you bought the album, which you find here:

Here’s a little preview of the single Curving Lines pre-gig at a small venue yesterday.

If it’s not for you, or you like it and want more music like this then check out these guys who inspired it:

Jon Hopkins, The Flashbulb, Koloto, Niven, Edamame, Melorman, Joey Fehrenbach, Shigeto, Tycho, The Album Leaf, Rival Consoles, Thrupence, Mr.Bill, Tipper, Bogtrotter, Somatoast, Recue, edIT Beats, Staring at the Sun, Trifonic, SineRider, CloZee, Opiou, Set in Sand, Shlohmo, Yoste, ig88……(if nothing else, hopefully this post gets you into some of this great music!)

I would appreciate your support on Social Media and would love to hear your comments and thoughts on the album, Just search Protect the Citizen and you will find my pages.

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