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Protect the Citizen, a.k.a Dave Voss is an experimental, ambient electronic artist originating from Leicester, U.K.

PTC Promo Pic 7Originally a post-rock project, (as an ex-member of Leicester based post-rockers, Maybeshewill) Protect the Citizen developed his sound through percussive electronic drums drawing on influences from IamRobot and Proud, Shigeto, and Casino versus Japan , mixing melodic hooks with complexed percussive patterns to draw the listener into a mixed sense of emotions.



Protect the Citizen combines melancholy delayed keyboards with drum machines and combinations of other electronic sounds, with organic audio samples of household objects such as windchimes, office equipment and books.

The use of original, organic samples allows each piece to differ from the last, whilst keeping the main characteristics of a Protect the Citizen track.

Drawing on post-rock influences, Protect the Citizen makes the most of the downtempo and chilled style of electronic music keeping a relaxed feel throughout each piece with ambient, smooth synthesised melodies resonating through each track.

Taking later influence from glitch artists such as edIT (The Glitch Mob), Koloto, CloZee, Tipper and Sunset Graves, Protect the Citizen has offered a more experimental and glitch focused sound, unlike most mainstream glitch music which still contains roots in EDM and is more focused on a Dance-based sound. This has proven an interesting blend between the downtempo styles of smooth slow melodies with snappy, sharper sounding drums.









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